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Pilates at Kachan Physiotherapy

We are excited to be able to offer Pilates specific exercise programs at Kachan Physiotherapy with the applied principles we use within our physiotherapy practice. Pilates is an excellent compliment to how we work in clinic to achieve balance, proper alignment, core strength and proper motor patterning to optimize movement.

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Details of our current programs
  • Foundations Class:

  • 5 weeks x 2 sessions per week
  • For information on current and future classes, please .
  • Location: Kachan Physiotherapy
  • Advanced Class:

  • Note: all participants who have completed a 5 week (2x/week) program are eligible for the advance class (5 week, 1x/week).
  • 5 weeks x 1 sessions per week
  • Location: Kachan Physiotherapy

The required 1 hour individualized evaluation at the clinic is billable to some private insurance plans with physiotherapy insurance coverage as the evaluation is done by a physiotherapist.

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