One-on-one counselling with Melissa Allen, P.Dt.

One-on-one personal approach to help support changes for health, nutrition and performance in real life. Offering health behavior changes that don’t focus on taking away foods like many fads, but practical methods based on the latest scientific research.


Initial meeting

75 minutes

  • Detailed diet history of daily eating habits, activity, portion sizes and food preferences
  • Risk factors for disease, lifestyle, medications and supplements
  • Determine personal goals and plans

Follow-up sessions

1 hour or half-hour

  • Accountability and motivation towards goals
  • Assessment and adjustment to plans as needed

Personalized Meal Plan

  • Meal plan formulated to personal needs for carbohydrates, protein and fats
  • Adjusted based on food preferences, activity level and training phase
  • Recipe examples and adaptions to favorite meals

Nutrition Services

  • Computerized dietary analysis
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Sport and Performance nutrition for pre-competition, recovery and off-season
  • Eating for energy and optimal physical and mental performance
  • Individualized meal plans
  • Personalized grocery store tours
  • Home visits
  • Activity-based sessions (running/cycling)

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