Kachan Physiotherapy treats a wide range of conditions with a variety of techniques—all tailored to your needs.

Conditions we treat Treatments we offer Pilates Nutrition Counselling

Conditions We Treat

We treat a wide range of conditions including but not limited to:

Treatments We Offer

We use a number of evidence-based treatment techniques to treat your condition and get you moving and offer customized mobility training programs for each client.
Treatment techniques include:
  • Biomechanical gait and running analysis
  • Comprehensive home exercise programs
  • Condition specific education
  • FDN (Functional Dry Needling)
  • IMS (Intra Muscular Stimulation)
  • Individualized Pilates assessment and treatment
  • Group Pilates Classes
  • Manual therapy including joint mobilizations
  • Modalities as appropriate(i.e. ice, heat, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, interferential current)
  • Muscle energy techniques
  • Neuromuscular Re-education
  • Post recovery transitioning to community based activities
  • Post Surgical Rehabilitation
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation
  • Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • Spinal and Peripheral Manipulation Therapy
  • Sport rehabilitation including return to sport programming
  • Sport Specific Injury Prevention
  • Stability and Balance Training
  • Supervised therapeutic exercise

Pilates at Kachan Physiotherapy

We are excited to be able to offer Pilates specific exercise programs at Kachan Physiotherapy with the applied principles we use within our physiotherapy practice. Pilates is an excellent compliment to how we work in clinic to achieve balance, proper alignment, core strength and proper motor patterning to optimize movement.
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Details of our current programs
  • Beginners Class:

  • 5 weeks x 2 sessions per week
  • For information on current and future classes, please
  • Location: Kachan Physiotherapy
  • Cost: $190 for the 10 sessions
  • + 1 hour pre-evaluation $85
  • Advanced Class:

  • Note: all participants who have completed a 5 week (2x/week) program are eligible for the advance class (5 week, 1x/week).
  • 5 weeks x 1 sessions per week
  • Location: Kachan Physiotherapy
  • Cost: $95 for the 5 sessions

The required 1 hour individualized evaluation at the clinic is billable to some private insurance plans with physiotherapy insurance coverage as the evaluation is done by a physiotherapist.

If you are interested or would like to be added to our mailing list regarding future programs please contact

Nutrition Counselling

One-on-one counselling with Melissa Allen, P.Dt.(c)

One-on-one personal approach to help support changes for health, nutrition and performance in real life. Offering health behavior changes that don’t focus on taking away foods like many fads, but practical methods based on the latest scientific research.

  • Initial meeting:

  • 75 minutes: $90
  • i. Detailed diet history of daily eating habits, activity, portion sizes and food preferences
  • ii. Risk factors for disease, lifestyle, medications and supplements
  • iii. Determine personal goals and plans
  • Follow-up sessions

  • 1 hour: $70 | Half-hour: $50
  • i. Accountability and motivation towards goals
  • ii. Assessment and adjustment to plans as needed
  • Personalized Meal Plan

  • $75
  • i. Meal plan formulated to personal needs for carbohydrates, protein and fats
  • ii. Adjusted based on food preferences, activity level and training phase
  • iii. Recipe examples and adaptions to favorite meals
  • Nutrition Services:

  • • Computerized dietary analysis
  • • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • • Sport and Performance nutrition for pre-competition, recovery and off-season
  • • Eating for energy and optimal physical and mental performance
  • • Individualized meal plans
  • • Personalized grocery store tours
  • • Home visits
  • • Activity-based sessions (running/cycling)

To make an appointment, please contact Kachan Physiotherapy.

At Kachan Physiotherapy your individual preferences, needs and values guide our practice.

Meet our team What to expect?

Here are three things we do to create a great patient experience:

Our Team

Our team will provide you with caring and respectful evidence-based treatments and empower you with the knowledge and self-management tools you need to achieve sustainable recovery.
David's photo

David Kachan PT


David holds a Bachelor of Science (Physical Therapy) degree from the University of Saskatchewan and has spent his career practicing in the area of orthopaedic physiotherapy. . . .

Ainslee's photo

Ainslee McCann PT


Ainslee McCann holds a Bachelor of Arts in Kinesiology from St. Francis Xavier University and a Master of Science in Physiotherapy from Dalhousie University. Alongside . . .

Jessie's photo

Jessie Roy PT


Jessie holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Master of Physiotherapy from Dalhousie University, and has been practicing at Kachan Physiotherapy since 2013. Jessie is currently preparing for . . .

Daniel's photo

Daniel Muise PT


Daniel Muise holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Kinetics with a minor in Health Sciences from St. Francis Xavier University and a Master of Science in Physiotherapy from Dalhousie University . . .

Colin's photo

Colin Wiseman PT


Colin holds a Bachelor of Kinesiology from Memorial University, graduating with Honours researching flexibility and sprint performance, and a Masters of Science Degree in Physiotherapy . . .

Nicole's photo

Nicole Parsons


Nicole has been greeting patients, booking appointments and providing administrative support at Kachan Physiotherapy since 2014. Raised in Halifax, Nicole completed the Foundation . . .

What happens at your first appointment?

What to expect

Your initial appointment will be 60-minutes, with your physiotherapist who is dedicated exclusively to one-on-one treatment time with you in our private and spacious treatment rooms.

We will ask a lot of questions about your injury—the information you tell us plays a big part in making an accurate diagnosis. Then we’ll do some clinical and “hands-on” assessment to confirm the diagnosis.

We will take time and care at the end of the appointment to explain your problem and a treatment plan—in language you can understand—including why you, why now and, most importantly, what to do about it.

You may receive some hands on treatment during the first visit depending on your injury. We will go over your plan for the on-going management of your injury, including a time frame for your recovery, plans for further visits, if they are required, and the exercises you need to do at home. We will focus on the two or three things you should do at home so you’re not burdened with too much to do. Your customized home-management program will be available to you via a website program called SimpleSet that you access from a link we will email you.

What to wear

Wear appropriate clothing to expose the area requiring treatment. We can lend you shorts or an examination shirt (Johnny Shirt) if you need them.

What to bring

Bring any investigations you have (x-ray, CT, MRI, etc). If you have a referral letter from a doctor bring that, too. Also, bring your health plan policy information, if you are a member of one.

What about return appointments?

Subsequent treatments last 30-minutes and always provide you with exclusive one-on-one time with your therapist.

What about payment?

Payment is required at the time of your appointment, we take debit and credit cards. Certain private health insurance plans allow direct payment from the insurer and can be processed, where applicable, at the time of your appointment provided you have brought along your appropriate health plan policy information.